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Light brown fur and blue eyes


Sweet, caring, happy

Faline is a little fawn who is the secret crush of Bambi.



She is first seen when Bambi's Mother takes him to the meadow. As Bambi's Mother talks to Faline's Mother, Faline runs around Bambi, inviting him to play. Bambi is shy and doesn't know what to do. So, he hides behind his mother's legs. But Bambi's mother tells him to say hi, so he does. Faline starts to giggle and chases Bambi. He stumbles backwards and falls in a puddle surrounded by tall grasses. She continually sneaks up on him, and when he's about to turn around she runs away. Bambi finally sees her and yells, "You!" He chases her on to a rock playfully, and then they watch the bucks leap by. Then Faline and her Mother leave the field.


Adult Bambi and Faline

In spring, a full-grown Bambi, Thumper , and Flower are determined not to get 'twitterpated'. But as they walk through the forest, Thumper and Flower soon have mates. In discust, Bambi walks to a small pond to take a drink. In the pond, he sees another deer's reflection. Sure enough, it's a full-grown Faline. "Hello, Bambi! Don't you remember me? I'm Faline!" she says as she approaches him. Bambi walks backwards and away from Faline, but slips on a rock and falls clumsily in the water. He reluctintly gets up and attempts to retreat, but his large anlters get caught on branch. As he struggles to get free, Faline licks him on the cheek. His antlers come free and he is immediately twitterpated. He goes into a daydream which features him and Faline leaping in the clouds which that will Sometimes Happen in Bambi: The Summer of Romance By Carter Peterson and Walt Disney Pictures . Faline goes through a hole. Bambi tries to follow her, but Ronno comes out and takes her away. Faline calls for help, and Bambi is quick to answer. He fights off Ronno, throwing him in a river. Faline and Bambi stand there for a second, looking on at the river as the scene fades.

Bambi challenge

Faline First Meets Ronno

One night, Bambi and Faline were sleeping when Bambi wakes up becuase he smells smoke. He leaves Faline's side to investigate. He meets up with the Great Prince, who tells him the forest is on fire and to flee. "Follow me," the Great Prince orders Bambi. Bambi stops short and gasps, "Faline!", and runs to search for her.

It turns out that Faline awoke shortly after Bambi left. She searches for him, which results in big, black and vicious hunting dogs chasing her in the mountainside. Bambi finds her just in time as she hides on a ledge, just out of reach of the dogs. Bambi bulldozes the dogs and order Faline to run to safety. The dogs retreat and Bambi runs away. He jumps over a raveen, but gets shot in the side. He crashes on the other side and stays there until the Great Prince arrives to urge him to get up. They escape the woods together. As Faline waits for them with the others, she is relieved to see Bambi and Bambi's Father alive. As the scene fades, Faline and Bambi stay close as they sadly watch the forest burn. In the spring, Faline has two fawns. The movie ends as faline looks up at Bambi, who is watching over them in the distance Which will happen in The Upcoming Other 2 retold Bambi movies That are Produced by Carter Peterson and Walt Disney Pictures, the one that actually Take place in the within the Back and the end of Bambi II that was released in 2006 and The one where Bambi and Faline Meet Again as fawns and Fall in love

Bambi IIEdit

Faline first appears when she greets Bambi, who, along with the other children, is watching the groundhog predict the weather. Bambi stumbles backwards and says, "Hi,". They watch Friend Owl try to coax the groundhog out of his hole, but he gets stuck. They all laugh hysterically. Ronno, another young fawn, walks over and introduces himself. Then he tries to impress Faline with his little horns. He lies about fighting off hunters, and also tells them that they trick deer into simulating a doe's call. Bambi and Faline seem a little unfazed, so he challenges Bambi to a fight. His mother calls him, so has to leave. Faline and the others soon leave, too.

Bambi2 2

Faline, Bambi, Flower, Thumper, Thumper's sisters and little birds laugh as Friend Owl gets stucks in a hole

The next day, Ronno tries again to impress Faline by bragging about himself, but Faline suddenly hears Bambi cry out, so she runs to him, with Ronno shouting, "Hey, I wasn't done talking about me!" Faline soon finds Bambi injured with porcipine quills in his backside. She tries to comfort him, but Ronno arrives says,

"I can't believe you're alive!" Bambi: "What do you mean?"

Bambi II Ronno VS Bambi by MissSlytherin

Bambi Defends Faline

Ronno: "I mean the way you froze in that field. And in front of you own father!"

He smirks and calls Bambi a coward. Bambi protests and lets out a weak call. Ronno smirks and then tries to lead Faline away, but Bambi says,

"Leave her alone!"

Ronno: "What did you say?!"

Bambi: "I said.....leave her alone!"

Thumper: "Hit him, Bambi!"

Ronno: (sarcastically) "Awww, are you playing with the little bunny rabbit and the little skunk?"

Thumper pushes Bambi into Ronno, causing him to fall face-first in the mud. Faline, Bambi, Thumper and Flower gasp as Ronno stands and growls. Faline then watches as Bambi scoops Thumper on his head and retreats, and as Ronno speeds after them.

One morning, Faline and the others have to say goodbye to Bambi, who has to leave to live with Mena, his new substitute mother. 'I won't forget any of you," he says. Later, Faline, Mena, Thumper's mother and the other children find Bambi lying on a rock, appearing to be lifeless, and watch as the Great Prince mourns over him. faline and the others are surprised and delighted when he awakens, and Mena leaves as the Great Prince and Bambi share the moment.


Young Bambi and Faline

In the Spring, Faline, Flower and others listen to Thumper's exagerated story of how Bambi fought away the dogs. Bambi arrives and gets his new little antlers

caught on a branch. The porcipine then pricks Bambi, who jumps forward and accidentally kisses Faline. "Ahh, twitterpated," Friend Owl sighs. "What's twitterpated?" Thumper and Flower ask. "I'll tell you when you're older," he replies.

That's the last time Faline is seen and mentioned in the movie.


. In Carters Bambi movie Bambi and Faline As Fawns will be Daydreaming about Leaping around in the clouds After Bambi gets licked


"He's a little bashful, isn't he, Ma?"


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