Film - The Great Mouse Detective

Voice - Barrie Ingham, Maurice LaMarche

Other Names - Basil of Baker Street, Mr. Basil

Personality - moody, dramatic, brilliant

Appearance - slender, brown coat and cap

Occupation - Detective

Home - Baker Street

Allies - Olivia Flaversham, Hiram Flaversham, Mrs. Judson, Fidget

Enemies - Professor Ratigan, his thugs, Fidget (formerly)

Minions - Dr. David Q. Dawson, Toby

Likes - Catching villains, solving crimes, playing his violin

Powers and Abilities - Strength, speed

Weapon - Pistol

Fate - Helps a troubled lady mouse with Dr. David Q. Dawson about her lost diamond ring via Toby hears the next case.

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