Bambi's Father

Bambi's Father

Film: Bambi (film), Bambi II

Voice: Fred Shields, Patrick Stewart

Personality: Brave, wise, stern, stoic, caring, fatherly, mighty, generous, stubborn.

Appearance: Slender, muscular, broad-shouldered, brown fur, cream underside, muzzle and throat, black nose, dark brown mane, antlers and hooves, brown eyes.

Home: The Forest.

Allies: Bambi, Bambi's Mother, Faline, Owl (Bambi), Thumper, Flower, Mena, Mr. Porcupine.

Enemies: Man, Hunter Dogs, Ronno, Mr. Porcupine (formerly).

Minions: His army of young Deers, Owl (Bambi), Bambi's Mother, Bambi, Faline and their fawn twins.

Likes: His son Bambi, safety, his kingdom safe.

Dislikes: Fire, Bambi discussing his mother's loss, Man, Hunter Dogs, any threats to his son, reminders of the past (formerly).

Powers and Abilities: Strength, speed, wisdom.

Weapons: His antlers and hooves.

Fate: Left his kingdom to Bambi as the new Great Prince.