Bambi's Father

Bambi's Father

Film - Bambi (film), Bambi II

Voice - Fred Shields Patrick Stewart

Personality - brave, wise, stern

Appearance - slender, largest antlers

Home - The Forest

Allies - Bambi, Bambi's Mother, Faline, Owl (Bambi), Thumper, Flower, Mena, Mr. Porcupine

Enemies - Man, thier Dogs, Ronno, Mr. Porcupine (formerly)

Minions - His army of young Deers, Owl (Bambi), Bambi's Mother, Bambi, Faline and their fawn twins

Likes - Bambi

Dislikes - Fire, Bambi discussing his mother's loss

Powers and Abilities - Strength, speed

Weapons - His antlers and hooves

Fate - Left his kingdom to Bambi as the new Great Prince.

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