Film - Bambi (film), Bambi II

Games - Kingdom Hearts

Voice - Bobby Stewarts Donnie Dunagan Hardie Albright John Sutherland Noah Luke Alexander Gould

Other Names - The young prince

Personality - curious, naïve, shy, brave, docile, innocent, gentle, childlike, noble

Appearance - (young) a cute, little fawn (adult) a handsome, strong buck with antlers (both) big brown eyes

Occupation - the young prince of the forest

Home - The Forest

Allies - Bambi's Mother, Bambi's Father, Flower, Thumper, Owl (Bambi), Faline, Sora

Enemies - Man, Ronno

Likes - Hiding behind his mother when he's embarrassed, copying how the grown-up stags prance around

Dislikes - Ice skating, Forest fires, Hunters

Weapons - Antlers, Hooves, Head

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