Film - Sleeping Beauty

Games - Disney Princess (Game Boy Advance), Kingdom Hearts

Voice - Mary Costa

Mayumi Suzuki (Japanese)

Other Names - Briar Rose, Sleeping Beauty

Personality - beautiful, nice, kind, lovely, friendly, respectful, responsible, clumsy

Appearance - slender, fair skin, blue eyes, gold tiara, blonde hair, pink/blue strapless dress that shos her brief breast cleavage, grey dress with black corset, barefoot

Occupation - princess

Home - King Stefan's Castle

Allies - Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, Prince Phillip, King Stefan and Queen Leah, King Hubert, Horse (Sleeping Beauty), Mandolin

Enemies - Maleficent

Likes - Flowers

Dislikes - Maleficent, rudeness, killers, dragons, death, murders

Powers and Abilities - Strength, speed

Weapons - Love and magic at times

Fate - Maries Prince Phillip.

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