Film - The Sword in the Stone

Voice - Rickie Sorensen

Richard Reitherman

Robet Reitherman

Other Names - The Wart, King Arthur

Personality - clumsy, selfish, dreamy, hard-working

Appearance - Small, slender, blond hair, orange tights, brown shoes

Occupation - page, Merlin's pupil, Sir Ector's foster son, Sir Kay's foster brother, later his squire

Home - Sir Ector's Castle

Allies - Merlin, Achimedes, Sir Ector, Kay, Pelinore

Enemies - Madam Mim, Girl Squirrel

Likes - Merlin's wizardries

Dislikes - Being a squirrel due to the female squirrel who bothers him a whole lot more, being scolded by Merlin just before his crabby mentor takes a trip to Bermuda in the 20th century, insults to Merlin from Sir Ector, being chased by a hawk

Powers and Abilities - Strength, speed, flight (as a bird)

Weapon - Excalibur

Fate - Draws out the Sword in the Stone and becomes King of England.